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I recently purchased a Blu-ray drive for my PC. It came with software installation disks for CyberLink PowerDVD, when I attempt to play a Blu ray disk it says I require an update. When this comes up I click yes and another box comes up saying player application update complete. When I click OK on the box and then go to click play on the program the exact same problem repeats itself. At the top left of the application there is a blue arrow that shows what updates are available, I have downloaded and installed all the updates apart from the ones that require money. Still this problem recurs, if anyone could help me get to the bottom of this problem is would be very grateful.

Thank you

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  1. Also I would like to add that the version i have been supplied with the Blu-ray player is version 8.
  2. You'd want to contact the vendor of the Blu Ray drive, possibly CyberLink.
  3. Are you able to play blu-ray with it?
  4. No I'm not, as soon as I press play this box pops up saying it needs an update. It does the update and says It's completed then when I click play again the problem starts again.
  5. Do the version change?
    Could be problem with UAC, right click on the program and do "run as administrator" and install the update.
  6. Both Nero and Cyberlink are notorious for confusing those that purchase bundled packages into believing that they need to pay to make them work. For DVD bundled packages, I would recommend reinstalling the application and avoid selecting the update. See if you can perform the basic functions - playing & burning. If you can't then contact the manufacturer for support. Nero will send you off to Germany where the support is terrible. Hopefully Cyberlink will provide you with better support if you have to end up going down that path...
  7. Is there any way you could recommend a different software for playing blu rays? The one i;ve seen that is recommended is the newest power dvd but that will cost £60
  8. There is not working BluRay software that's free, either need to buy a copy or use the one that came with the disk.

    You don't want to check with the support for the drive you got?
  9. +1^

    I'd suggest talking to tech support regarding your bluray and software issue.
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