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whats the normal temp for an hd radeon 4850?


after adding 3 more fans...

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  1. Under 80°C under load is good. The usually start throttling down at 100°C+
  2. I find that hot, considering you are putting no load on the GPU.
  3. Mine idles at 45C and maxes out at about 65C, the XFX cooler on it does a nice job, yours is pretty hot for being at absolute idle, i would suggest cleaning the dust out of its heatsink, it should idle significantly lower than that, the 80C it was first idling at would be a good load temp, but is a horrible idle.
  4. Fan speeds 27% and 0%? then it goes on to show rpm's, how can a fan at 0% speed have 1500 revolutions per minute lol,
    out of interest, where are the 3 new fans located? intakes/exhaust, airflow aimed directly at gfx card?
    but yeah, that seems way hot for it doing nothing :(
    Are you clocking it at all?
  5. Mine loads at 53c when overclocked, so I see 80c as a bit much.
  6. Nice case there man,
    have you knocked the cooler on the card at all?
    I'm wondering if its heatsink is maybe compromised, I'd consider returning to vendor if thats still an option?
  7. nah its been 2years... warranty's prolly over by now... i cleaned it up a little bit... it just heats up fast...
  8. theres an exhaust fan right infront of it... dunno what else to do to cool it off...

    should i start overclocking it?...

  9. dont overclock it if heat is already an issue :P
    I asked in case you were and that was causing the heat problem is all
    looks like your next move is going to be learning how to remove the existing heatsink and fan, clean the gpu and base of heatsink reapply thermal paste and re-seat it all I'm afraid :P
  10. do they have guides for it here?... and thanks for the replies...
  11. Theres a lot of threads on here concerning thermal paste application, a few include guides of sorts,
    Googling it will probably yield better results faster, plenty of videos on youtube for re-application
    Cleaning wise, get some high alcohol content fluid, (Nailvarnish remover is a popular one if you dont get a branded paste remover) and some cottonbuds (Q-Tips) and swab it all off gently.
    Good luck
  12. ayt will do... thanks...
  13. no probs man
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