PC (appears) to boot BUT no video signal

My uncle's HP Pavilion S3123w Slimline PC is not receiving any video signal from the onboard graphics VGA port. I have tried it on 3 different monitors and all 3 get no signal.

I bought him a video card to put in his open PCI-E port but when I tried turning the PC with the new card installed the 2 monitors I tried did not get a signal either.

When you push the power button the computer sounds like it is going through the POST and that Windows is waiting for me to login. The hard drive isn't making any weird noises. The cooling fans all are working.

I am stumped for a solution. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Try a different connector.
  2. I have a DVI connection on my monitor and that did not work either on the new card. Forgot to mention that in my post.
  3. Sounds like a bad motherboard to me.
  4. Do you get any kind of display during the POST (black BIOS screens)?

    Do you hear the normal beeps?
  5. I get nothing at all. The monitors never display any POST screens like it should. The monitors just go to sleep within a couple seconds of the PC being turned on.

    I actually dont hear any beeps when the computer boots. Not even the normal beeps I hear from my working computers...if I hear nothing what does that mean?
  6. Means that your MoBo speaker is dead? :D

    Well i guess it could be that you forgot to connect the PCI-E 6 PIN.. but if that was the case we would expect some beeps still

    It could be that the card is dead.. short of that the MoBo is fried (IMO)
  7. If the video card is still installed, try removing it, and connect the monitor back to the onboard video. Your PSU may not be able to support the extra demand from the video card.
  8. reconnect RAM..
  9. Of all this, just try a different psu... Probably the issue.
  10. The PSU is a long skinny type since it is a slimline model... I doubt finding a replacement will be easy.

    I removed the video card and tried the onboard video again on 2 monitors but still nothing...double checked that RAM was in correctly and it is...

    My uncle just needs to buy a new PC that is not a slimline model so I can easily replace the motherboard or psu the next time it stops working.
  11. PSU is easy to find on newegg, here is their entire line of slim, there might be more if you look around: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007657%20600014011&IsNodeId=1&name=Mini%20ITX
  12. If you're just using onboard video, and it's still not POSTing, the PSU is likely toast.
  13. I don't want to order a PSU from an online only retailer because I want to be able to return it and get a refund ASAP if that does not work. I am going to try Frys or Best Buy this weekend and hopefully that is all his computer needs.

    Thanks to everyone.
  14. You're welcome.

    Keep in mind that newegg has very quick shipping, and have great customer service. They basically have a no questions asked RMA policy.
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