Upgrading laptop CPU

Hey guys

I've got an Advent QRC430 laptop currently

It has the Celeron M 430 processor in the laptop currently

Would I be correct in saying that I could put a T7600 straight in to the laptop? I believe that the chipset is the Intel 945GM chipset and that they're both socket 479

Is it just a simple one out, one in?

I've read that it is, but I would like you guys to confirm please


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  1. For all i know, CPU's on laptops cannot be upgraded.. The only upgrade option for laptops are storage (memory and hard drive)..
  2. Well, plenty have done it :) SOME laptops have the CPU's soldered down, but not all :)
  3. Actually, every laptop I have opened to date does not have the CPU soldered on. QL-60, TL-50, Pentium 4, and one other I can't remember.
    Just be careful of the cooling. If the laptop wasn't designed to handle the higher model...
    If the model did not originally come with a model of your laptop, the bios might not support it aswell.
    As for finding one, if you do it will be overpriced and not usually worth the upgrade.

    So if the cpu works in it, it will be a "simple" out-in. Just pay attention to thermal compound. Sometimes, like on my TX2500, the HSF will not actually be making very good contact with the CPU at all. I ended up having to apply a ridiculous amount of thermal compound because of that.
    Also, there is the matter of taking the laptop apart. The last laptop I know of that had a bay to allow access to the CPU was from like 2005. So you will have to take apart the entire chassis and pretty much take the motherboard out of the laptop in order to access the HSF and remove it. Don't lose any screws and keep track of where things go.
  4. Thank you for your reply

    I was just merely stating that some laptops can have the CPUs soldered down, not all :)

    I know I might be looking at updating the BIOS and will be looking in to that shortly. I can pick up a dual core CPU for around £50 or so meaning the increase from a Celeron M 430 to a Dual Core 2 ghz will be quite something!

    My laptop is VERY easy to take apart actually and can access the heatsink + cpu combo very easily!

    The laptop did come with a dual core processor at one stage in its life, but I cannot find out which but, as the newer processors run cooler anyways, I'm pretty sure that the only issue I need to work out would be to see if my BIOS supports, or, can support, a T7600
  5. Ok it seems like the CPU can be upgraded after some tedious work.. In any case, where do you plan to get the CPU from.? Do laptop CPU's get sold as a single entity like desktop CPU's.?
  6. Typing from my laptop with my new processor in it :)

    I couldn't get the T7600 as planned as the chipset is only the 943GML ... so, I've settled for a T2400

    Much much better than beforehand :)

    Didn't cost me anything as we had some laptop spares at a computer shop I work in :)

    Although, they are easily and cheaply available on Ebay and the likes :) :sol:
  7. That's a sweet deal. Glad to hear everything worked out ;)
  8. i haven't owned a laptop with the cpu soldered in

    laptop cpus:
    Athlon 64 3000+
    Intel C2D T7200
    Intel Ci7-720QM
  9. Very helpful post especially for people like me who always thought that laptop CPU's cannot be upgraded..
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