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So from what I heard, newer Plextor SSD drives have a technology called True Speed. It is supposed to keep the SSD running at higher speeds even after long term use. Does anyone know more information on the True Speed and how it does this or how well it does the job?
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  1. It's basically their TRIM, from what I can tell:

    It doesn't look like it's any better or worse than the garbage collecting on any other Marvell-based drive. I guess you could compare it to how Apple calls their wifi 'Airport' instead of wireless like everyone else - it's a proprietary name for a common technology.
  2. That is correct, that is their form of trim. It's part of the advertising game against other companies.
  3. So how does this form of TRIM compare to other SSD brands? Are there any tests which compare the drives after long term use? I would think a test like that would show how well the True Speed keeps the drive performing at its best. Most of the benchmarks I find are when the drives are brand new and put out the highest numbers.
  4. And that's where longterm benchmarks happen. Unfortunately, there is no longterm benchmark I know of.
  5. Excuse me but "TRIM" is not an ssd feature or component. It is a command initiated by Microsoft Windows when a user deletes data. The TRIM command causes a message to be sent to an ssd indicating that data has been deleted.

    Most modern ssd's are able to read the message. There are still a couple of situations that might prevent an ssd from reading the message. One example is a RAID configuration.

    The message is used to compliment an ssd's own "garbage collection" process. If an ssd reads the message and initiates garbage collection on the fly it is said to be aggressive. If an ssd waits to initiate garbage collection until there is little activity it is said to be passive.

    Based on the article that benji720 linked to the Plextor True Speed is probably more of an advertising gimmick than some sort of technology enhancement.

    EDIT - SSD garbage collection was developed before Microsoft Windows support for garbage collection via the trim command. The trim command compliments garabage collection to make the process more efficient. However the trim command is not a mandatory requirement. Some modern ssd's have a garbage collection process that can perform quite well without the trim command.
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