Stock Processor - No Overclocking - Which good CPU i7 930 or Phenom X6

Hi. I am not into overclocking (though want to get into it). I have tried several places but all gaming cpu reviews take overclocking into consideration.

The following processors are the ones I can afford and I do not overclock.

Which processor is better:
1)Core i7 930 2.8 GHz
2)Phenom X6 3.2 Ghz

Also I want a good all round system as it will run 24/7 etc and gaming, I am so confused. Help plz.

I would not mind any other processor, your recommendations are welcom.
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  1. If your main purpose is gaming and basic stuff like internet browsing watching movies and office, then just get a Phenom ii x4. There are some deals that put the x6 at about the same price as a 965, so if you find one, go ahead and grab it.

    Bench's put the x6 slightly ahead of the i7-930 in productivity, but pretty low in gaming bench's.,2613-10.html

    Either way, the x6 beats an i7-930 hands down.
  2. Oh about the 24/7 thing. Intel's run cooler and use less power, but if you're doing this for cost savings purpose it's not worth it. Power use difference only comes out to a couple bucks a year.

    On the other hand if you ran a server farm with thousands of processors, at full load, 24/7 365....then it makes a big difference.
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