Must ram be "identical" to run "dual channel memory tech"?

Info hardware:
3ghz dual core motherboard desktop.
RAM: elixir 2gb 2 rx8 pc3-10600u-9-10-bo. 1333

Motherboard manual says:
To run dual channel memory technology, RAM modul must be same
brand, speed, size, chiptype.

Is that true?
It seems, to me, impossible to find exactly that modul and for the right offer.

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    Rules to Enable Dual Channel Mode
    To achieve Dual Channel mode, the following conditions must be met:

    Matched DIMM configuration in each channel
    Same Density (128MB, 256MB, 512MB, etc.)
    Matched in both Channel A and Channel B memory channels

    Populate symmetrical memory slots (Slot 0 or Slot 1)
    Configurations that do not match the above conditions will revert to Single Channel mode.

    The following conditions do not need to be met:
    Same brand
    Same timing specifications
    Same DDR speed
    Memory channel speed is determined by the slowest DIMM module populated in the system.

    *This really depends on your motherboard. Some manufacturers use a color
    -coded system (meaning use the same colors) and some require that you use the symmetrical approach (meaning same slot on both channels).
  2. Thank you for answering with super sonic speed.

    Your answer is above my knowledge level.

    There are 4 RAM slots.
    Two are blue and two are white.
    The manual says, that blue slot ddr3 a1 and
    blue slot ddr3 b1 are populated.
    (The same goes for the white slots).

    If I want to get one more RAM modul (both
    RAM moduls will be installed in the blue slots),
    will dual channel memory tech. then be supported
    if I get any ddr3 240 pins RAM modul, as
    long as the RAM is a pc3-10600 modul (same density
    doesn't matter)?

    Is that correct?
  3. It will only work if the technical parameters mentioned are matched. However, it must be noted that the performance difference between single channel and dual channel are far less than you would think and under most circumstances you would see virtually no difference from a user perspective.

    Memory is cheap. If you really must have dual channel, I would recommend you buy a matched pair and proceed from there.

    Good luck!
  4. Quote:
    how much RAM do you want.?

    I want 2gb ram more. I have the understanding that w7 64 bit runs best
    with 4gb or more.

    I want to get another 2gb RAM module that will enable dual channel techn.
  5. Elixir 2gb.2rx8.pc3-10600u-9-10-bo.1333
    I do not know the timing of the RAM modul.
  6. Quote:
    you stated you had 3GB are they 3x1GB sticks and are they all the same.?

    No, I wrote, that I have one DDR3 RAM Elixir 2gb.2rx8.pc3-10600u-9-10-bo.1333 modul.
    I do not know the timing of the modul, and I do not know how to find the
    timing of the modul.

    If I knew the timing of the modul, I would know what RAM card to get.
    However it seems that most RAM modul seller do not write the timings in their ads.
  7. Quote:
    what is your motherboard.?
    make and model..

    Can you explain why you need the brand and model of the motherboard?
    The motherboard supports
    populated dual channel memory techn.
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