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I know this maybe a small problem for you guys but i just wanted know: I have a dual core E7500 2.93 and xfx 9800gt 512mb
when i play a dvd AND play a game at the same time (Alpha protocol) the game lags. is that due to the processor or video card or what? I only listed the processor and video card cause i thing it maybe one of them
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  1. I would blame it both, the GPU has to output a full 60FPS to another screen, granted it doesnt have to render any of it, but the CPU is also switching back and forth between the game and playing the DVD, both of which are generally expected to be the main thing happening on the system, so a lot of performance is lost during the context switches between the two.
  2. So you recommend a quad core or/and upgrade the GPU or overclocking?
    Thanks for your advice in advance
  3. actually i just recommend not watching a movie while playing a game, thats the simplest solution.

    What resolutions are you screens?(im assuming you are dual screening, or you are doing some crazy multitasking) A quad core would probably help if you intend to multitask while playing your games.
  4. One LCD 1600*900 and another analog tv so my son can watch movies think its like 32 inches or so but yea probably best not too tho i just thought i could fix it
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