Did I fry one stick of my RAM?

Hi all-

about 8 months ago I built my own computer. It was running fine until about 1 month ago and it started crashing constantly. I believe it started crashing after I overclocked my CPU (Athlon ii x3 440 at 3.6GHz with Hyper 212). I thought it could be a stick of ram so I took one out, and my computer ran fine. The ram I had in there was 4gb(2x2) at 1333Mhz. I had to bump my CPU voltage up a bit (by .025V) to get it to run stable at 3.6. The temps look good on my CPU (20 idle 33 under load). So, I'm wondering if I fryed my ram or if im just doing something incorrectly. I'm also willing to buy 6gb of the sam brand and timings to get a total of 8gb if I did fry my other stick. (will this work?)

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  1. It certainly is possible that you did fry a stick, but it is unlikely. The voltage gets supplied evenly accross the DIMM slots, so if one went, the other would have, too.

    Since you didn't mention it, did you adjust you RAM specs manually? Undervolting the RAM can cause instability. Have you tried running MemTest86+ ?

    In regards to your goal of 8GB, in theory, if all specs are exactly the same, they should work.
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