Crash/Freeze problems with new system build

I recently built a new system. There were quite a few of what seemed to be graphics errors initially, so I replaced my Nvidia card with a new ATI 4870. Now the problem is that the system seemingly randomly reboots, and freezes at "Loading Asus Express Gate" until I hard power it down. I have tried many fixes that I have seen, but none seem to work.

Here are my system specs.
Motherboard: Asus M4A79XTD EVO
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 255 (3.1)
Video Card: ATI Radeon 4870 (Asus make: EAH4870/2DI/1GD5)
850w Power Supply
4 gig dual channel unganged OCZ RAM
Windows XP 32-bit

I have updated all the drivers I can think of. Video Card, Sound, Chipset. I have the Catalyst Control Center running my vid card fan at 75%, and it never goes over 50 degrees. I have checked my BIOS to see core temps after crashes, and they are never over 60.

I have already replaced the MOBO once, as I thought it was a PCIe issue.

I also have tried turning off Cool & Quite, as I saw that as a possible fix while surfing the web. Didn't help. I just turned on c1e, and hope that makes a difference, but no idea yet. It usually takes an hour or so of gaming, any game on my system, to crash. It has also crashed just surfing the web.

Any help would be great, and ask for more information if you need it. This is annoying the crap out of me.

Warning though: I'm not a huge techie. i may ask for explanations of what your telling me to do. So be clear and concise please.
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  1. Probably RAM issue. Check to see if your BIOS has the voltages set to w/e your RAM needs. OCZ's recent RAM requires ridiculous voltages in some cases.

    If voltage is good, Dl memtest and run it at least 8 passes (do this overnight as it may take up to 12 rhs).
  2. My RAM is listed at 1.75mhz, so in the Bios I set it to 1.76, as it seems to go by even's.

    After i did this, I can't play Fallout 3 for longer than 20 minutes before it crashes. my computer isn't crashing anymore, not yet at least, but I can't play Fallout 3.
  3. I think you mean 1.75 v.

    You haven't run memtest yet...
  4. I plan on running it overnight, as you suggested.

    But just changing the voltage makes my system crash MORE often.
  5. My point is that until you do run memtest we've can't really help you further.
  6. Ok. But what about the RAM seating?

    According to the MOBO info I have, they should be seated right next to each other in slots 1a and 1b.

    But i've read in plenty of other threads that pairs should be separated by a slot. Like 1,3 and 2,4.

    Could that be a problem? I can't seem to find anything specific for my stuff.
  7. I ran passes of memtest last night, and during the 8th pass, on test 5, it got an error.

    Failing Address - 0010438b878 - 4163.5
    Good - adbb872
    Bad - adbb873
    Error bits - 1
    Count Chan - 1

    Is that meaning I need to replace the memory stick then? And how do I know which one?

    Should I run Memtest longer to see if anything more happens? Test them individually?

    Thanks for all your help.
  8. Run the computer with one stick of RAM and play around, see if any freezes or crashes occur. Then after testing with one stick, take it out and use the other. Likely one of the sticks will cause the same issues you have been seeing while the other will run fine
  9. I've just finished long testing processes with both sticks, individually. BOTH sticks make my computer crash back to pre-bios loading, and freeze there so that I have to hard-power down. I haven't run memtest on them individually, but the problem I'm having happens with either stick in.

    Occasionally, upon entering windows after the crash, windows will ask me to send an error report, and will classify it as a Blue Screen error, in which it could not detect the faulty device or driver. Not sure if that helps at all.
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