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Building a new system top of the line for friend. He wants it water cooled and doesnt want to spend a fortune on the water cooling system. He knows it'll cost a pretty penny but none of these crazy nitro setup suggestions please just somthing that'll work well :)

I need advice as to what kind of liquid cooling parts I'll need to liquid cool the cpu, mobo, memory and video cards. I also have a case thats well designed for it I think seeing as it even has a hole on top for refilling liquid resevour.

Ok here's what were planning on building parts wise:

Coolermaster HAF 932 Full Tower
EVGA E760 CLASSIFIED 3-way sli
Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition
2x EVGA Geforce GTX 480's
6x Mushkin Enhanced Redline 2GB DDR3
2x SSD's in raid

Basically I've never done liquid cooling set ups and need advice on what parts I'll need to get the whole thing done, blocks pumps, resevoirs tubing and all. Also somthing that would fit the case well would be great. Any suggestions to a liquid cooling noob would be great. This system will be overclocked and pushed to the limit so it does need to be quality but again no insane prices on parts please :)

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  1. Fill out form in sticky. Link in my sig.

    Stuff like budget and use would be nice to know.


    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: all the pc stuff just want water cooling parts

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:newegg and tiger direct

    PARTS PREFERENCES: dunno anyhting


    SLI : Yes

    MONITOR RESOLUTION: 3x1920x1200 projectors with 3d capability in lower res

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Budget for liquid cooling would preferably be under 500 or close to it. All parts in my above post are set in stone.
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    Hmm, well to really do liquid cooling right with 2 gpu's it's gonna take more than $500.

    CPU block is $50-100
    GPU blocks are $100-150 each
    Reservoir/pump is $100-250
    Radiator is another $50-100
    Throw is fittings, liquid, smartcoils and tubing for another $80
    Chipset cooling is another $50-100

    Comes out to $500 minimum, more like $700-800 ish if you want quality stuff. You're also gonna need to do some case modding to get stuff to work, especially if you use a large radiator.

    Sample of a good custom build

    CPU block $85

    GPU blocks $120 each

    3/8" tubing and smart coils

    You'll want 1 with at least 2 120mm fittings like Swiftechs MCR220 QP

    Swiftech's MCW30 for North/southbridge

    Pump/reservior $210

    Your choice of non-conductive liquid. Prices vary depending on whether you want colors, glow in the dark, etc.
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  5. Please don't double post:

    As far as CPU blocks goes, I recommend the Swiftech XT and the EK Supreme HF or HK 3.0 if on a budget. Also, DO NOT use that Koolance Pump + Res; the Koolance is over priced and under performing. Use a Swiftech MCP 655 with a micro res.


    PS: Also, look at the Water cooling guide:
    You are missing some very basic concepts OP.
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