New vid card suggestions.

Hey guys, I have my rig fully up and built,
Antec 300 illusion case
Asus 785TD V-Evo mobo
Phenom II x4 955 @ 4.0 ghz
Sunbeam 120mm core contact freezer cooling
4 gb ddr3 ram running @ 1400

Ive been messing around running games on the integrated HD 4200 chipset, have it overclocked to 700 base clock, and its giving me respectable framerates in my games at much lower resolution then I want to be gaming at. So im in the market for a new video card. Usually I just look under the charts to see where performance lies but there are some cards not included in those benchmarks. The absolute MOST I can spend on a card would be about $240 so the 5850 is out of the picture for me still right now, and I plan on buying next week. What do you guys suggest as the best money for bang scenario for me? I want to game at 1900x1200 resolution. Im currently playing COD4, COD MW2, Aliens vs Predator, Sim City 3000.

Ive looked at the GTX 260 asus superclocked at $224
XFX HD 4980 at $220
MSI HD 5770 at $174
HD 5830 at $239

I cant sli or crossfirex without having serious limitations as my mobo only supports 1 pcie at 16x and 1 pcie at 4x.
Which one of these would be the best performance wise for the games im currently playing at? Or maybe another suggestion for my price range. Thanks!
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  1. GTX260 is way overpriced. It performs equal to a 4870, which costs around $150.

    A 4890 is equal to a GTX275 in terms of raw power (and equal to the 5830).

    Your best option is either the 5770 or 5830, both are pretty good cards. Both support eyefinity, use lower amounts of power/energy than previous gen GPUs, support dx11, etc
  2. For 1920x1200 I would've said HD5770 and add another in crossfire when you can afford it but your motherboards second pcie slot is x4 which means you really don't want to use it. That said I would advise waiting a bit and saving up more for the HD5850.
    I'd avoid the HD5830, it's very poorly priced for what you get imo.
  3. Just Wait For GTX470 Availablity, And Get One Of Those, From What Ive Read A Very Good Performer, Will In Fact Prolly Beat Any Radeon 5xxx Series In Most Games (With The Exception Of A 5970) And Youll Have The Added Benefits Of CUDA (Witch I Use Quite Alot For Transcoding Tasks, And Physx The Price Is Decent On Them Also If They Are Within Your Budget.

    Personally Im Waiting For A "GT430", Should Be Great For My Budget And More Powerfull Than My Current 9600GSO 768MB (96SPUs) Witch Will Run Everything But Crysis On My Main S-IPS Panels 1600x1200 Resolution At Or Near Maximum Settings With Framerates Above 40FPS.
  4. Why Do You Capitalize Every Word?
    And why haven't you checked the many, many articles with benchmarks of the GTX 470 to see that it is just slightly more powerful than the HD5850?
    Also I've got an 9600GSO and it struggles in a lot of games when maxed out at just 1280x1024 even with hefty overclock.
  5. I was thinking 5770, and possibly in the future adding another to crossfire it, but not really knowing how much that x4 would limit me. Since the 5770 doesnt use a whole lot of bandwidth do you guys think it would really kill performance that much using it that way?
  6. Out of those the HD5770 has the best price/performance and it handles your resolution good. When upgrade time comes there are going to be more powerful cards in the $175-225 range so simply upgrading to a single more powerful GPU becomes an option to.
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