Not posting / cpu spinning.

Hi all, recenetly order a crosshair formula 4 board + 1600 ddr3 gksill ram ripjaws. Amd 965 quad + hyper 212 plus aftermarket cooler. 6970 sapphire graphics card. Housed in an Antec 1200 case + coolermaster 650 watt gx psu.

Had cpu and gpu runnin on a gigabyte board with ddr2 ram, no problems, just got my asus board + ram, cant get a display of any kind, cpu fan spins once right when i hit the power button then stops.

However I'm still waiting on my sata cd/dvd burner to get here, all i have is an ide and the asus board does not have ide hookup. Would this possibly effect posting / cpu fan / no display? As currently it has no cd rom drive at all. All the case fans work, and even fans pluged into other fan slots on the motherboard, just the cpu fan does not.

Thank you
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    Walk through the guide below. Maybe step 2 will take care of you...
  2. fixed, bad ram, thanks =)
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