BFG GTX 275 OC vs Quadro FX 580

Hi All,

I'm perplexed. I want to edit AVCHD film footage in Adobe's Premiere CS4/5 and also use their After Effects software, too. My computer specs are:

Q8300 2.5 Quad
64-Bit Vista
2TB Raid 0
750TB Normal

My question is: What would work better for editing: A BFG GTX 275 OC or Quadro FX 580? I know that the BFG is geared towards gamers, but would I see a big difference if I went with the FX 580? If the difference is minuscule, I'd rather get the gaming card (so that I can have fun while I am procrastinating at my desk :P).

Any help would be very appreciated.
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  1. The only difference would be lower power draw and more quieter operation with the 580 over the 275.. 275 is a faster card and with CUDA support, it might even speed up your intended purposes ( no personal experience with CUDA )..
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