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I have a home network that currently uses an old Microsoft MN-700 router (54Mbps) and I have a desktop that needs an internet connection. Right now laptops work just fine, so the router works well. It is an 802.11g connection. Unfortunately I can't connect directly to the network through an Ethernet cable, so I need a wireless network adapter. Problem is I don't really know which one to get that would capture a strong connection on the network. I've looked around and a lot of adapters get mixed reviews from people who were either very satisfied with it or completely disappointed because it picked up a weak connection or one that broke up a lot. So I wanted to ask for any recommended solutions to my problem. Are there any adapters that you've use that work well?

I am currently running Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) on my desktop if that helps.

Buying a new router isn't an option.
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  1. Brand or model may not be the big issue people think it is as they all use a small pool of chipset makers. Cheaper ones may not offer the same degree of support -- but adapters are cheap and the technology is changing constantly so long-term support isn't really an issue.

    Personally I've found that the form factor does matter and as you have a desktop I'd go for a PCI card. Though I suspect USB is catching up, there have been issues with overheating and short life.
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