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my psu is intex 550w. i cannot find 6 pin graphics card power connector in my psu. i dont if i am not able to find it or my psu dosent have 6 pin or 4 pin!! is it inside psu box? or i have to plug it myself?? please also upload the picture of 6 pin power connector for graphics card.
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  1. Chances are you don't have one. Simply buy one online, here: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4311575&CatId=82
  2. buy what?? a cable or psu as a whole?
  3. Click the link, you have a stong enough psu, just buy this adapter so you can have a 6 pin connector.
  4. ok. how to plug it to the psu? please show me the picture if u can........
  5. It on the website, plug in the two big ones with 4 connectors (its the most common connector in your psu, any psu actually), then you get a 6 pin express connector.
  6. Ok. Thanks man. i think we get the connector free with graphics card... bt i dont know where to connect it?? i have to know this berofe i buy one........
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