I3-530 vs q8400

My friend recently bought a i3-530 system. I have a q8400 system which i recently bought. I just need to know which

would perform better overall in apps,games,or anything you throw at it.Is avirtual core as powerful as a physical core.
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  1. I just need to know whether a older generation quad will be outperformed

    by a newer generation dual core. so please reply.
  2. nope your q8400 is still better then the i3 check this:
  3. @zipzoomflyhigh OK, how much performance the i3 gives than the q8400 in gaming. is there a huge difference or a minor

  4. The newer tech would always give you some advantage. Plus Q8400 is pretty average quad. The Q9xxx series were better.

    In games as zipzoom mentioned, which are not core dependent the i3 would rule. But in multi tasking apps your Q8400 would dominate. So its basically down to what you use your PC for.

    Take a look at this mixed bag:
  5. But the newer games definitely makes use of the extra cores. So even the games come into the category of multitasking.

    for ex in farcry 2 or gta4 which would perform better i3 or q8400?.
  6. any Quad Q8xxx and Q9xxx is better than any i3 according to me..........
  7. Q 8400 will be much better !
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