M4A87TD EVO - Noob front panel question

Hello all, first time builder here and im not doing this for myself, I am doing it for my brother so im extremely nervous and trying to be as cautious as possible.

I have an Antec 300 case and an M4A87TD EVO mobo, Im confused as to how I am supposed to connect the front panel audio am I supposed to do use the HDA panel or the AC97 panel?
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    You want to connect HDA Panel, which is your HD Audio.
  2. Ok thank you, May I ask what the difference between the AC97 and HDA Panel is? I probably shouldnt be trying to put a computer together if I cant answer these questions myself eh? >< lol
  3. I also have one more question, the board is SATA6 and I mistakenly purchased a SATA3 HDD. Are the SATA Cables and ports backwards compatible?
  4. Yes... SATA III connectors are backwards compatible with SATA II.
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