Laptop hard drive compatibility

As a general rule, can different manufacturer's SATA laptop drives be interchanged?

My Toshiba laptop's MK6034GSX (HDD2D35) hard drive needs replacing. This is a 60GB
SATA-150 drive with the following specs:
Form Factor 2.5" x 1/6H
Width 2.8 in
Depth 3.9 in
Height 0.4 in
Compatible Bays - 2.5" x 1/8H

I would like to replace with a less expensive drive. Will that usually work?
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    Yes as long as they are both 2.5" SATA.
  2. You might need to check the height. Some drives are 9.5mm in height, others are 12.5mm in height. Other than that, it should be fine.
  3. Old drive is 9.5mm, so I'll be looking for 2.5in form-factor, 9.5mm height, SATA connection. Thank you for the tips.
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