Xeon equivalent of Core i7?

I have no real knowledge of the XEON server processors, but a bit curious if there is some Xeon equivalent of the Intel Core i7 line?

(Is it correct that the i7 is targeted only at the high end PC consumer market?)
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    There are server and consumer versions of most of the Nehalem family CPUs using both socket 1156 and 1366. There are actually more server versions, including low voltage versions, than consumer versions.
    Lynnfield/1156 Xeon X3460 & i7 860
    Bloomfield/1366 Xeon W3530 & i7 930
    Gulftown (32 nm)/1366 Xeon X5680 & i7 980X 6 core

    Right now the i7 980X 6core is the only consumer Gultown released even though there are 16 server versions
  2. Thank you for your reply! It was indeed a very large number of different server versions available. I much check what/which CPU:s that normaly sits in a HP DL 380 for example.
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