BSOD after memory install

hey guys,

I got a Gateway Fx 6800-01e pc with a intel core i7-920 processor and it came with 3gb DDR3 and added 4gb ddr3 to the system for a total of 7GB DDR3... after the installation... about 36 hrs from it.... it gave me a BSOD error memory management ..... so i know its from the install... what did i do wrong?

it has 6 ports... in 3 pairs... each pair had 1 gb ddr3 in there... so i added the 1 of the 2 sticks to the first 2 ports...

so 2 ports have 3 gb ddr3 and the last pair only has 1 gb ddr...

hope i didnt confuse you guys...

system came with 3gb ddr 1033mhz and added 4 gb ddr 1333 mhz but the package says its backward compatible with 1033 COSAIR MEMORY
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  1. ugh! did it again!!!!! lol
  2. bump for help... :)
  3. Your board is setup for triple channel. Now you have mismatch of modules in there and running therefore in single channel. Your board works best with either 3 or 6 modules the same size!
    ps bumping is against forum rules.
  4. are u trying to say since i have 6 ports.... and using 2 2gb ddr3 and 3 1gb ddr3 sticks... its better if i just use the 2 2gb ddr 3? and not the 1gb sticks?

    or should i put port pair 1 = 2gb ddr3 port pair 2 = 2gb ddr3 and port pair 3 = 2 sticks of 1gb ddr3 so a total of 6 gb ddr3?

    or what do you suggest i go?

    thanks again!
  5. I am saying for that system if you are adding ram add 3 sticks for optimized performance. Use the system with either 3 identical sticks or 2 x 3 identical sticks. Anything else throws the memory into single channel mode (based on different motherboards there could be a limit to how many sticks can be installed for single channel)
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