Gateway DX4822-01

I am getting a weird error on a friends gateway. It runs fine and then say NVRAM and after that Unknown BIOS error 8302. I have re-flashed the BIOS with the recent release on the Gateway website and cleared the BIOS. The machine boots up into windows just fine after you press F1. I told BIOS to not halt on error but even then it comes up with the error. Now this just started happening on his machine. In order for the machine to boot he has to press F1 in order to get the screen to come up and see the BIOS logo. If you press F1 the monitor reports that it goes into VGA.
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  1. I would try a CMOS reset first, see if it cleares the error. There must be a jumper on the mobo that does that. Remove the battery and use the jumper to clear the CMOS, then re-insert the battery and reboot.
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