New PC build wont POST Gigabyte P55A-UD3R


I've recently build a new PC, and it won't even start to POST. Here's the specs:

Gigabyte P55A-UD3R
Intel i5-750 (Stock Fan)
Powercolor ATi HD5770 1GB VRAM
2x2GB Patriot Viper 1600MHz
Thermaltake 450W PSU (came with the case).

Before you guys ask, yes I've did the "read here before you post thread" and also i've tested the PSU and the graphics card on another PC. And it all works. Sadly I can't test the RAM as it doesnt support DDR3 :(.

I have also made sure that the board is grounded properly in the case, and even did an out of the box startup (Putting the mobo on the box that came with it and starting up only with the CPU).

and no, it won't even beep. T_T.
This is my first case like this and I'm curious to find out what's wrong. Thanks :)
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    Wat? Memtest works fine with DDR3.

    You won't get beeps unless you have a case speaker.

    edit: Ok misread that part about the mobo. Every possible reason for a no POST is addressed in the sticky.

    If you have a working MOBO + PSU + a working GPU, the board will POST. Won't complete it, but it will get to it.

    May just have a dead PSU or bad MOBO in your case.

    Only way to test is to swap in a working PSU and if that doesn't work, put all components on a known good board.
  2. umm. Sorry if my description wasn't clear.

    - I have tested the PSU, and it works
    - I swapped the PSU with another one (from a currently working PC). Same problem.
    - I have concluded that the motherboard is giving me problems, but I'm just curious as to why. :)
  3. Omg lol. I found out what happened a week ago. Sorry I forgot to reply. I accidentally bent two of the CPU socket pins slightly. Didn't notice it at all because it was so fine. Thanks guys :)
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