HELP! What does EVO mean?

Can someone help me figure what the EVO means on some of the asus mobos?

I'm looking at buying an ASUS P8P67, but the options confuse me...obviously the PRO/DELUXE ones are more expensive and have extra features, but I'm trying to figure out what EVO means? I've seen other asus boards have the EVO label as well...

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  1. EVO is a popular term used in the names of many consumer products. While you'd need to ask ASUS marketing to get a real answer, my guess is that it stand for "evolution". I don't think it is an acronym for some new technology. A quick search of some acronym resources might support this. I found a definition for EVO = Electronic Variable Orifice, used by General Motors. Maybe Asus has added a new orifice recently to this P67 board? :D
  2. EVOO = extra virgin olive oil (not so good for mobos).
  3. I think it's a marketing label, akin to the Mitsubishi EVO (Evolution), used to indicate the level of features and performance within a model/chipset product offering.
  4. Well, whatever that link said, it doesn't say it anymore.

    One MB on AsusTek's site says,
    "The Ultimate O.C. Processor
    Whether novice or enthusiast, TurboV Evo satisfies overclockers of any level. Intelligently push systems to the fastest, stable clock speeds with Auto-Tuning. Turbo Key boosts performance with a simple touch, while TurboV offers additional advanced options for breaking those records! Moreover, upgrade your CPU at no additional cost with CPU Level UP!"

    so I suppose it has somewhat to do with overclocking, but I can't find anyone to confirm that.

    At this link, AsusTek offers the choice between:

    Turbo V

    and Turbo V EVO

    which leads me to believe that "EVO" is the auto-tuning and single key features, a sort of assisted overclocking. (Seems to me that if you want to overclock, you want to oversee it yourself, but I don't OC, so what do I know?)

    The people at Frys corporate tell me that the difference is the presence of USB 3.0 ports (false, the non-EVO M5A97 has them) and a FireWire port (the F1A75-V EVO has no FireWire port, so also false).

    Whatever EVO is, it means a $25 price difference between the two M5A97 mainboards at Frys, and I can buy a FireWire card from them for ten bucks if that's all it is.

    I thought EVO was an ASUS-only marketing thing, but just to confuse matters, apparently Compaq had an "Evo" model sold in 2002-3 that replaced the Deskpro after the merger. This was the ugly, cheap, cheap-looking little one they sold to schools and sweatshops. HP stopped making them in 2003 though, so maybe Asus just picked up the term.
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