Need Guidance while building

Hey everyone
I am almost done building my Gigabyte G1 Sniper2.
I am having a hard time trying to figure out where to connect
my two blu ray drives.

They have two connections:

1.Power Sata
2.Data Sata

I would like to know where would be the best place to connect
these two drives on my motherboard.
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    You need both connections.

    The psu will have sata power connectors. Connect one to each drive. It will fit only one way.

    The sata signal cables have identical ends. They also fit only one way. Connect one end to the motherboard sata port, and the other end to the drive sata port. It does not matter if you use a 3gb or a 6gb sata port. I would pick a 3gb port, reserving a 6gb port for a ssd which is the only current device that can fully utilize 6gb.

    You will have to do this for your hard drive or ssd also.
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  3. Thanks that really helped geofelt.
    Can you follow threw with my build?
    I am almost done.

    The only things left to install are my two hard drives.

    I am confused with this big connector on my motherboard
    with ATX PCB written under it?

    I connected the ATX 12V wire from motherboard to where it says cpu on my psu.
    is this correct?

    Now i have this really bulky wire that i believe goes on that big connector which says ATX PCB.

    Should i connect this bulky wire from ATX PCB to where it says M/B on my PSU?

    I do not know what this is =(

    Please help
  4. Cables are designed to fit only one way. Do not force anything.

    The big bulky cable with 20 or 24 pins is the main supply cable. You must plug it in to the similar socket on the motherboard.

    You may also have a 4 or 8 pin socket on the motherboard that takes a similar cable from the psu.

    I suggest you read your motherboard manual, cover to cover.
    Ditto the case manual.

    Google to find video's of a pc build.
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