Can i run dx 10,9,8,7 games on dx11 hardware w/windows 7?

hello there just curious the thread title pretty much explains my question. i wanna go ahead and go with windows 7 but not quiet sure if i will be able to run directx 10,9,8,7 games on the radeon hd5770 i'm about to buy as it's directx 11. pretty much is the 5770 directx 11 cards backward compatible with games that are directx 10,9,8,7? also should i go with the 5770 its price range is my max plus its got that dx 11 as most cards dont in its price range.
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  1. Yes*

    *In theory they should all work. However I have heard rumors that some more recent (10.x) drivers have broken some older games. I haven't tested this though. I did play CFS2, which mostly worked (just no AA).
  2. hello there i asked this last night but it looks like i only got 1 response. i'm about to build a new system but i wanna make sure that if i buy the radeon hd5770 and windows 7 that i will still be able to run dx 10,9,8,7 on it. can someone out there please help me? pretty much if it has dx11 on it should be able to run anything before that right? just wanna make sure here before i go spend a grand on a computer to find out that my older games dont even work with it/on it. thank you
  3. DX11 is a super set of DX10 which is compatible with DX9 which will run damn near everything. Im not sure if DX7 and DX8 are still supported under DX11, i assume it would be but direct X 7 and 8 are 9 and 7 years old now, you are likely to have compatibility issues installing games that need them due to windows support rather than DX support.

    If you really really need your older games to work you can always get your hands on a copy of 98 SE and install it and run your games on a virtual machine.
  4. The DX11 is backwards compatible with the older DX10,9,8.... etc. It was answered in your other thread therefore only one response. Some older games that where made for win95/98 are having issues with win 7, that is OS issue nothing to do with DirectX.
  5. Yes, it will work. Whilst I understand you don't want to make a mistake spending that much money, engaging your brain and thinking for one second would answer the question for you.

    However in saying that, some really old games that have not been re-released through a service like steam or goold old games may need to be run in compatability games and really really old ones through something like dosbox.
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    Can i run directx 10, 9,8,7 games on windows 7 with a directx11 gpu?
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