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Hello guys,

I have an HP w1707 monitor which has built in monitor speakers. Unfortunately, to change the volume I have to go to its menu and there is no option to change it's bass/treble, neither a quick way to mute it.

I have a pair of scrap speakers with volume control embedded on the chip (which is placed in one of the speakers. The chip has a mains power supply, input jack, and two speakers embedded on it. Each of the speakers are connected by two wires and the terminals on the speakers read + and - respectively. Now I want to use this chip with my monitor. My monitor speakers are connected to my PC with a cable with male sound ports on each side. For clarity, I would like to mention that they look like the third one in this image:

Somehow, I want to attach a male sound port in place of the speakers on that chip and connect that port with my monitor. Now each speaker is connected to the chip with two wires. I know one would be for ground and the other will be for sound signals. The grounding one should be common to both while there should be two separate wires for sound signal, left and right respectively which makes three in total. And according to the image, an audio port needs three connections :)

Why do the terminals on the speakers read + and -? Do these speakers (which have a volume of about 6cm x 6cm x 6cm) need external power as well? Can voltage difference between my monitor speakers and the chip (which needs external power) burn my monitor? Or is the power just used by the chip for the bass/treble purpose?

Please help.
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  1. I think you are way overthinking this, go into your sound bar. Right click and go to properties. You should find a equilizer (I know its not spelled right), set your base and treble from there...
  2. That's what I actually didn't want. I wanted controls which I could access quickly. However, now that I have assembled the chip back into the speakers, I do not need to configure it anymore. Still thanks :)
  3. Glad you figured it out. There used to be a module for headphones that you could plug inline with the wire. I think it took a 3.5 mm jack, but basically it plugged inline with your headphones into your mp3 player, cd player, etc. Then typcially had a knob you could spin to adjust volume. So if you need something later, that might work. Also, my trick that I do, so that I don't have to actually adjust speaker volume much, I've got a keyboard that has some multimedia controls, so I can simply adjust my volume from my keyboard if I want. Might check and see if your keyboard has that as well.
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