Velociraptor in RAID 0 vs SSD?

Well the question was pretty self explanatory. I just care about the max speeds, not anything else, basically. I cant find the info anywhere.
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  1. Fast SSD.
  2. Your SSD is going to provide you much faster access time and a good quality SSD will ensure you get faster transfer rates compared to a two disk RAID 0 Velociraptor setup. The more disks you add to the RAID 0 setup the closer you will get to SSD performance in transfer rates, but you will still have issues with access times.
  3. I went from a pair of 73Gb raptors in RAID 0 to an Intel X25M 80Gb around 3 years ago, and the old SSD crushed the raptors. Not even close with the newer SSDs.
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