Pixelation Nvidia 8600GT

Over the last few months. Randomly now and again my display gets some animated pixelation.

It's not still, it flickers across the screen and doesn't go away until I restart. Changing the resolution/refresh rate doesn't change anything.

Specs are:

Asus P5Q Mobo
Pentium Q8400
Nvidia 8600GT

I suspect it's the outdated graphics card. Guess it could be an excuse to upgrade....

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It can be a overheating GPU. Maybe it is time for housekeeping inside the box (heat sinks tend to gather dust). Then again I like the idea of excuse to upgrade.
  2. I keep the box relatively dust free. Filters on all the fans, cleaned it out last week even! Destroyed my old processor that way so been pretty hot on it.

    Hmm, maybe a phone call to the folks saying I can't email them because my computer is broke could be the solution! :P
  3. I think that is worth a try since in the long run long distance phone calls are more expensive than GPU's.
  4. First inspect the card for ANY missing resistors or smd caps. Then make sure the cooler is making proper contact with the gpu. If all is already good then you may have a failing gpu or vram.
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