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so, here is my problem. I'm currently in the process of building my computer and its my first time as well. I have nearly all my parts, but 1. I need to know what RAM I can use for my motherboard. I've got an Asus P8P67 Pro motherboard and an i5 2500k processor. Please, help me out! I've tried doing quick searches, but have been unsuccessful in my search. Should I be using the memory specific ram that's out for the new sandy processors? Or anything else? And what speed should I be looking for? I do intend on doing a slight oc on the chip so I want to ensure the ram I have is good. Price is not my main concern, just quality. Please help me out good people of Tom's Hardware.
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  1. yeah, that was actually the ram that i was looking at...will that ram be suitable if I do an overcock to 4-4.2ghz? I don't actually need anything higher than that to be honest...I just need to ensure the ram that I use will be able to do the job efficiently once I oc and put some load on it
  2. Yes... the RAM will be suitable for an 4 - 4.2 GHz overclock.
  3. Well..I actually returned that board and got the gigabyte p67a it for a pretty good deal! I know you can get some great results when overclocking on that bad boy..could I use the same ram? G-skill ram is good right? Would it be better than dominator or vengeance ram?
  4. Me too! They also have a lower latency than the vengeance ram, but not a huge deal.
  5. What's your take on the vengeance? Worth getting? I'm gonna do some pretty decent overclocking on this board so I need some ram that can keep up...can the vengeance deal with a 4.2-4.5 ghz overclock on a 2500k chip?
  6. There's actually some ram I was looking to get because I can get them for a good price. It's a patriot viper series division 2 extreme 4gb set @ 1600 MHz..has anyone heard of it? Is it good for overclocking ?
  7. yeah sorry...sometimes I can never keep track of these threads...i got the g skill ram for sandy bridges
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  9. np..opinions matter
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