5970 in crossfire huge FPS drop..??

im running a dual 5970 configuration with a 980x cpu and 12gig of 1600 ram.
Turns out with any game, when I enable crossfire the fps drop big time..

games experiencing this are alien vs predator..metro 2033, battlefield 2, bioshock ..
my details are set to the max as well, but with a 5970 I should be able to run any game..

any ideas..im getting frustrated..
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  1. guys,does it seem that running 10.3 with hotfix 9.12 seems to fix my cfx 5970 issue?
    I thought 10.3 included 9.12 hotfix?
  2. A dual 5970 setup? That's essentially a Quad Crossfire setup, and quad SLI/Crossfire setups are notorious for very poor scaling or general performance. This does not surprise me one bit.

    Only thing I can suggest is downloading the most recent CrossFireX Application Profiles:
  3. razbery, I was getting a drive in fps, but for some reason running 10.3 and after installing 9.12 hotfix the fps came back up to a nice 50-60 fps with all details max on eyefinity..

    doesnt 10.3 include whtaver is in 9.12 hotfix? im not complaining, just weird that a hotfix apparently solved my fps issue..

    I dont 4 gpus' scale bad all the time, from my understanding its all depending on what game you play..
  4. there are loads of people complaining about the frame rate dropping off when enabling crossfire when using eyefinity on lots of forums. It dosent seem to happen to everyone, but enough that its filling up dozens of threads
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