PC in a speaker??

i just had this idea about modding a pc into a speaker/amp/subwoofer--removing speaker and replacing with fan ect.

just wondering if it would be possible and how dificult it would be..

thanks,dave. :o
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  1. Definitely do-able. I actually have some big old speaker boxes from the 70s that would work perfectly. 10" hole at the bottom, 3" hole in the middle, 1.5" hole at the top. Anyway, yeah... would probably take a little skill to make all the mounts but otherwise I don't see it being a huge challenge.
  2. Totally possible :P
    be ncie to see pics as you progress on the build too :P
  3. yes i meant by putting a pc inside the case of a speaker
  4. sounds cool (pun intended).
  5. sounds like a bada$$ idea

    love to see some pics when you finish
  6. Did you see the THG article on mini-itx systems? Two Powerful Mini-ITX-Based Desktop Solutions
  7. wont be doing soon but yeah i will post pics when i get round to it :D
  8. Definitely doable. There are web sites with lots of photos some really cool case mods.
  9. cool
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