[Display] 23 Asus LED vs 24 Asus LCD Screen

Hey guys, I was looking to replace my monitor. I was looking at these two products.



Am I going to miss an inch of the screen? Is it worth getting the LCD back light? What is the deal with the 23.6 and 25.6 models I see does that mean anything different. I would like to go with a 1080p monitor so I dont have any bars when watching movies. Do you guys see anything better that is roughly 230 or less. Thanks for your help.

PS if you know of any monitors that have a display port that are reasonable that would be cool too.
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  1. I use 2x ASUS VW246H for every day work and I'm happy with it. As for LED vs normal back lighting, apart from the power use and possible color differences, I don't know.

    DisplayPort isn't mainstream yet, so you will pay extra right now to have it.

    In either case, both are good choices.
  2. I gotten a LED backlit screen before. Nothing revolutionary. Mostly marketing hype.

    There is pretty much no color differences. Brighter though and not heatup time. Lower power consumption but small sizes like 24" doesn't really need all that much power anyway.
  3. LED backlits are also a little thinner and lighter, which of course is not really a big deal in most cases.
  4. I see so you guys are saying basically unless Im looking for thinner and lighter it wont really make a difference. Do you tihnk it would be worth it to try to sell my acer 22 1650x1050 monitor for $100 and upgrade to the better monitors ?
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