New computer build Crashes - Need help

Ok, as the title suggests my new computer only about 4 weeks old has had a few random restarts and one or two bluescreens, one of which resulting in the reboot freezing on the motherboard logo screen, after the bluescreen.

I need to find what is happening and why.

These are my specs:
Phenom II x3 720
Corsair Dominator DDR3 (4GB)
WD black 1tb HD
XFX HD 5770
Windows 7 64bit

From seeing other peoples problems I think it could be a bad memory problem so want to run some tests. Can someone direct me to a good page that shows me how to use that memtestx86 or what ever it is called, havent had time too look into it.

THE MAIN QUESTION - How do I find out what went wrong after having reboots and bluescreens?

I remember looking at some logs or something on my old XP but have no idea in 7. I just want my system up, running and reliable.

Thanks for any information on the matter.
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    1) Take out one stick of RAM so only one is in the mobo
    2) check the RAM settings in Bios against the recommended settings of your RAM to make sure they match up.
    3) If still having problems try with the other stick of RAM
    4) If still having issues try playing around with the settings a bit. My RAM recommended setting was 7-7-7-22 and 1.6v. Yet my computer would not run at this setting. When I up'd the voltage to 1.7 it ran but all games crashed.
    At 9-9-9-24 (default in my bios) I kept suffering freezes at all random times.
    My computer now seems stable at 7-7-7-22 though I had to reduce its speed to 1066mhz.

    Having said all that, I have been having issues with windows 7 itself, so now that I have managed to install the windows updates (some were stability updates) I may start to play around with the RAM settings again to see what I can get.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I did a memtest today which showed the memory to have no errors and so I have put it down to the settings I had it on. The memory is rated at 1600mhz but was only running at 1300mhz so I changed the settings in the BOIS without changing the timing or voltage which is, 8-8-8-24 at 1.65V. I may update the BIOS later and see if I can change these settings to get it to run at the rated speed.

  3. Have you tried one stick at the recommended settings then the other? I thought after reducing my RAM from 1600 to 1066 it may be a Bios update needed, but further testing showed when only using one stick at a time that one of the sticks failed to boot at the recommended settings but the other worked. So one was faulty though not actually broken and the Bios was fine
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