Radeon 4650 AGP drivers and old gfx conflicts

So i bought a new Radeon 4650 AGP for my comp. When i tried to delete the old Geforce mx 420's drivers, it said that they are required for windows to boot up. When i remove the 420 card without removing the drivers, it acts normal. When i reboot the comp with the 4650 in it WITH the 420 drivers, it becomes extremely laggy where it just freezes. For some odd reason, i have the latest catalyst hotfix driver on my computer and it doesnt seem to conflict with NVIDIAS old card drivers. 10.3, which comes with catalyst control center but I can't get it to run on my computer. the only thing i download is the install manager over and over again because ATI' S site says 10.3 contains CCC, so when 10.3 doesn't install CCC i have to redownload it all over again.

So here are my problems
1. I have deleted the 420 drivers before without a problem, now im running into problems.
2. Why does it get laggy ONLY with the 4650 card in it?
3. Why doesn't CCC ever install. Tell me how i can fix this
4. Could i avoid these problems if CCC actually installed?
5. What can i do to solve this

In case your wondering... Win XP 32-bit and i uprgraded to a 400w power supply so the power shouldn't be an issue
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    have a gigabyte 4650 in my machine (dell p4 at3.0) If i remember corectly the latest drivers will not work with these cards? I believe the instructions for my stated that you had to use the drivers on the disk sent with the card. Did this a while back but If I remember I used the instructions verbatim out of the box and it worked for me. I did have an old nvida card in my machine before the 4650. I also checked Gigabyte and ATI websites for updated drivers and never found any (have not looked for a while).
  2. my Driver is vs 8.620.0.0
  3. it doesn't matter anymore. drivers caused a crash last night and i lost everything. its all good
  4. Sry man
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