Differance between these two ram sticks?

and which one is better,it would be good if they were the same because im getting a haf922 and the red ones would go along with the coler scheme

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  1. The Blue sticks F3-12800CL7D run with much tighter timings, and higher default voltages, if you plan on OC, then they are better!

    7,8,7,24 is quite tight for the price at 1600mhz, I bet there is plenty of headroom in these..

    Its like the corsair dominators 1600mhz 9,9,9,24 with the big heatsinks..

    the corsair xms3 7,8,7,20 1600mhz outperform them, have small heatsinks and are cheaper!!
  2. If you are looking for color combination in red, then get these -
  3. thanks and I forgot to mention its going to be a amd am3 platform
  4. is this ram compatible with the msi 790x-g45 motherboard
  5. amdgamer101 said:
    is this ram compatible with the msi 790x-g45 motherboard

    Apparently, the max DDR3 memory speed supported by this board is 1066 MHz at 1.5V.. However, the latest BIOS quotes 'Improved Memory Compatibility' but no further information..
  6. ok then can you recommend some good 1066 or 1200 ram
  7. Having problems opening the newegg website so cannot post links.. So you'd have to dig it up yourself.. However, last time i had been there, i saw some Crucial RAM sticks doing 1066 MHz with CAS7 at 1.5V.. But they had no fancy heat spreaders on them..
  8. Newegg opening problem again.. Is it a single 4GB G-Skill CAS7 stick.?
  9. yes
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    Good find.. And i am sure It'll be totally compatible.. Go for it..
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