WinXP wont read ntfs or fat partition from mac hard drive...?


I have a Seagate 2 TB usb external hard drive that I use for karaoke on my macbook pro. I now need to access that song library on a PC tower running WinXp Pro. I created a large partition on the drive, formated as FAT (so both could read it), but the PC only recognized it under device manager, not as a hardrive. I then reformated the partition to NTFS, but got the same result.

Device manager sees the drive as " Seagate desktop USB device" with MBR filesys and 0 space unallocated.
Disk manager reads it as a blank drive with "GPT protective partition"

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  1. I suggest going to someone who has a mac and grab your file from there. Because it's a protective partition, you need to re-format it. It is formatted as a linux partition instead of a windows partition.

    Make sure you back up your data. Follow these steps indicated in the link:
  2. Did you get it to work?
  3. Thanks for the input, I still have the macbook, I made the new partition to allow the pc to run my mac's karaoke library, and I was trying to avoid buying a 2nd hard drive (I kinda thought the 2TB would be the last one I bought for this decade, lol)

    Yeah, I figured the sub system on the HD was linux or mac-only. hmmm. if I can save my data elsewhere , can I reformat the whole disk as ntfs, and THEN make a partition for HFS? (the reverse of what im trying now)
  4. Well, it might be easier just to make the NTFS and split it. Not sure if it will allow HFS.
  5. Fantastik250: does this mean if I start over with a MBR format (using ntfs or fat) that I can then partition off a HFS section for my mac? :)

    Boomer83: good info, but it seems he used Ubuntu to change flags. I dont have this.
  6. I don't really understand why this doesn't work. You made the right choice (FAT32 will work fine for both). When it was FAT32, did you ever assign it a drive letter in Manage -> Storage?
  7. I am not too familiar with mac partitions, but try it. You can have it split and make a logical partition for mac. MBR is universal so, I think it should work.
  8. It seems WinXP doesn't recognize the subsystem/partition table of the mac-formated drive, regardless of the partition format. If I had originally formatted the drive as FAT, it would've been fine. Once I find a place to park my data, I will try 1st
    reformat NTFS , with HFS partition.
    Then I will try FAT and see if they both read. I will post results here for future reference.

    I'm mostly just annoyed that iPartition did not warn me of this when I chose to create an unrecognizable table/partition/filesys path. Its like I paid a translator to help me talk to someone in China, and they just said "pong tow book wong gooey" and took my $. lol
  9. Lol, I know how you feel
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