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I have a newly built system and i have a hard drive from an old computer. Windows wont boot from the old hard drive (due to drivers issues and possibly boot.ini file, i've tried) so my question is if there is a way to repair the windows from the old hard from the new drive to allow the old hard drive to work as it used to?
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  1. You do not need to reformat, but you do need to reinstall Windows.
  2. You've made a huge hardware change to the system that windows on your old hdd 'knows' so its sulking, save any files you want to keep on an external drive, then reinstall windows in the new build so it knows what the hardware is :)
  3. I remember once someone said to uninstall every driver and reinstall the new ones when you boot up for the first time. But I haven't ever done this, normally I would just reinstall windows.
  4. Nah i figurerd it out. Got it to go to safe mode and i uninstalled/installed drivers, and bam it worked.
  5. gratx man, glad your sorted :)
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