Need HELP from a OVERCLOCKER pls !!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
The reason i asked for a overclocker is because i need someone who knows what there doin in the bios, not someone telling me if powercord is in properly !

My Specs : GA-M720-US3 mobo
AMD Phenom x2 550 b.e
4GB Dominator 1066 4 x 1GB
Gigabyte gtx 460
Seagate Sata 500GB
Ezecool 800w psu
My problem :
This is my first build and all went well untill i found out u cud unlock to other 2 stupid dormant cores lol, So yeh the computer sed no wen i opened all cores and shut down, upon restart computer wud turn on but monitor was black and not picking up so after a few mre restart attempts i reset the cmos and it came on. Now iv noticed that my cpu and ram is going up and down in speed and that my memory timing were different (5-7-7-24) i changed it back to (5-5-5-15) at 2.1 v and its still happening nowere near as bad tho.

My pc wont play songs properly they slow down and skip but will play a game with perfect sound!

CPU : 3100.0 mhz, FLUCTUATES
Multiplyer : 15.5x STABLE
HTT Clock : 200.0 mhz FLUCTUATES
HTT speed: 2000.0 mhz FLUCTUATES

RAM : unganged dual channel ddr2-1066 sdram (5-5-5-15 cr2) sometimes changes to (5-6-5-15 cr2)
DRAM fsb ratio: 16.6
memory clock: 533.3 mhz FLUCTUATES

any more info just ask oh and COOL AND QUIET is off.
ANY help will be greatful.
thx guys.
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  1. Your unlocked cores may have a defect; not all work unlock and remain stable. Only recommendation is to bump up the cpu voltage to about 1.4 volts and leave the ram setting on auto, with memory mapping enabled if your bios has this option. If it's still not stable, sell the cpu and get a regular phenom II if your board supports it. Check the "cpu support" section on asus website before you order.
  2. I'll back up o1die's comment: you've just discovered why those cores are locked: they don't work right! But overvolting the CPU is certainly worth a try.

    The New Number Two
  3. cheers guys will try it and let u know how i get on! :)
  4. the higher voltage made my cpu a lil mre stable but because of auto settings on ram it take it down to 800mhz which i wouldnt of minded if stayed stable, just that becouse of the unstable ram at a lower speed im getting even less mhz when it fluctuates if u know wot i mean.

    so pushed back up to 1066 much quicker i can play my games so im happy just have to put up with it till i get a new 1. what about overclocking cpu a tad?? cpu temps right now after playing just cause 2 are 29c it maxes around 31c. very cool maybe a lil room for overclocking lol.
    thx 4 help guys !!
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