New build: Strange mouse problem

Hi everyone!

I've just built a new system. I want to dualboot with Win XP and Ubuntu.
So I've just installed Win XP (I haven't installed ubuntu yet), and my mouse doesn't work. I have tried two mice, and no one works (they're both USB).
Then I noticed in SETUP, under Integrated Peripherals, an option: "USB mouse support", that was disabled.
I enabled it, but the mouse still doesn't work.
Every other USB device works (keyboard, USB storage devices etc.)

Any Ideas? Do I need to reinstall Win XP?

My mobo: Gigabyte GA MA790GPT-UD3H

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  1. BTW, The two different mice I tried, Logitech MX400 and a cheap atech notebook mouse, both works on my laptop, so I'm positive it's not a problem with the mouse.
  2. New update: I tried ubuntu from the CD, and there the mouse works...

    What do you think?
    Should I reinstall windows?
  3. My windows CD is bad. Problem solved :)
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