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I want to upgrade my GPU. Right now I'm dealing with an nVidia 9600GT that isn't playing well w/ my Phenom and 790GX. I like the 5770 for its low power consumption per card, and because of this it gives me a X-fire option later when prices head south. But the 4890 would give me immediate pixel power, but I would not even try to X-fire one later (too expensive and too much power). Talk to me...
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  1. btw i realize its newegg vs. ebay, but the 4890 reseller seems reputable and responsible. And the XFX lifetime warranty is a definite plus when buying used.
  2. 2x HD5770 for sure.
  3. difficult decision but for the long run, 2x 5770's would be great...
  4. new tech over old tech every time. unless the price/performance gap is massive.

    lower power consumption, WAY less noise and more upgradeability. not to mention Dx11.

    get the 5770.
  5. If you got the HD4890 for the price of a HD5770 I would say 4890. That one is overpriced (probably the same as he bought it for) therefore no question HD5770
  6. I agree. Unless the 4890 is a heck of a deal, I'd shoot for the 5770 for the newer tech, DX 11, etc...
  7. 5770, without a doubt.
  8. OKay so I'm leaning towards the 5770 for its new tech and a better upgrade path (Eventual Crossfire). Are there any 5770's out there in particular that you guys would highly recommend? Is that MSI one a good one? I really liked the cooling solution for OC'ing.

    THese are what I'm looking at:




  9. The MSI is good choice it comes with the best overclocking software to.
  10. I don't really trust PowerColor as a company and generally I stay away from them just because they don't really make me feel like I'm buying a quality product. But That one did get good reviews and it's the cheapest 5770 out there. I don't really like the cooling solutions for the PowerColor or the HIS. THey seem mediocre at best and the HIS doesn't look like its ready for much OC'ing.
  11. Get the MSI Hawk, by far. Just look here:


    Its an insane card.
  12. I personally would probably go for the cheapest by a reputable brand(the HIS card) but if you are going to spend more go for the MSI card. It doesn't just have the nicer cooler, it also allows you to bump up the voltage of the core to allow for a higher OC. Here is a review;
  13. Guys think abit...yes..HD 5770 has way more new technology systems in it,but some performance still cant reach HD 4890. Yes it was DX 11 and some other cool features but gaming performance,speed its still HD 4890. BUT FOR THE FUTURE GAMING,I SUGGEST IT WILL BE HD 5770 FOR SURE!
  14. Yes, we all know the HD4890 is more powerful. The extra 10-15% performance is nowhere near worth an extra $50 when it is coupled with the difference in features & power efficiency especially if crossfiring later is considered.
  15. the 4890 that AMDnoob is looking at is the Black Edition which i think gives a lot more performance with 1000mhz on the core.
  16. and its not too expensive at $182.99
  17. + $14.99 shipping.
  18. Not to mention that the HD5770 should be a better overclocker anyways.
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