Need helping finding a PSU for my Inspiron 530

I bought a dell Inspirion 530 a few years ago. I tried to hook up my Nvida 7900gtx graphics card but there wasn't enough power. The PSU that came with it only had 300w. I want to buy this one
Would this fit in my case? ALso should I go with the 650w or do you think 550 would be big enough? I want to put the card back in so i can crank up the setting on SC2
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  1. I can't find details on the graphics card you mentioned anywhere - are you certain that is the correct make and model number?
  2. That's strange. Google found plenty of hits.

    The case looks like it will take any standard ATX PSU. And the 7900GTX only needs about 7 amps. For that system, I'd get a Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail)

    That's all you really need. Besides, the Ultra is about one step above junk.

    The Ultra PSU is junk.
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