Looking for any criticsm on build(final)

Hey guys finally got a list of what im wanting and id like to hear whatever opinions you have on the build i have got on my list to set up (first build) . I've already had 2 previous threads but i wanted to make this one to hear peoples opinions instead of advising though i guess you would be advising me in some way if you were to criticise so heres the list :


CPU : I7 930 - £219.73

MOBO : Asus P6X58D-E - £163.72

RAM : Corsair Dominator PC3-12800, 6GB Kit, 7-8-7-20, 240pin DIMM (£188.95)

OR (cheaper)

Corsair XMS3 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 - £133.99


HARDDRIVE : Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATA 3Gb/s 500GB Hard Drive - £34.53


POWER SUPPLY : Antec 850W CP - £88.76

CASE : Coolermaster HAF 932 Full Tower Case - High Air Flow Design - No PSU - £110.69



Coolermaster HAF 922 ATX Midi Case - £77.88



HSF : Cooler Master COOLERMASTER Hyper 212 Plus CPU COOLER - £15.80 (not exactly sure if this is "quality" cooling despite the good things said about it)

TOTAL = £1265.69

Is that cpu cooler "good quality" which will let me OC my cpu to 4ghz stable and if not what is the next cheapest step up which will?

Sorry if im clogging the forums up with these threads.
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  1. That PSU doesn't fit in those cases. You need an ANTEC case to be able to install it.

    From your link: " exclusively compatible with some of Antec's most cutting-edge Gamer and Performance One enclosures, including the Twelve Hundred, P183 and P193"
  2. Hmm would you recommend me changing the case to go with it or changing the PSU to http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139011&Tpk=Corsair%20HX850&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&AID=10446076&PID=3899435&SID=skim1402X558040.

    Whatevers best , not sure if haf 922 case is better for cooling than the antec 1200 is...

    Thanks for spotting that though :O
  3. Looks like it will be a fast PC for you.

    In response to your cooler question, the COOLERMASTER Hyper 212 Plus has got pretty strong reviews around the Web. The level of cooling suggests you should be able to get it to 4GHZ (http://www.anandtech.com/show/2366/5)

    I've always used Seagate drives historically due to their near silent operation and great reliability. However I went for a WD Caviar black in my latest build due to the warranty length of 5 years (vs Seagate's 3 years). Seagate always used to offer 5 years as well, so I'm curious as to why they reduced it (I heard of problems with the 7200.11 drives). I can't hear the WD over the fans in my PC (especially my Sapphire 5870), and I read they are marginally faster, so I'm very happy

    With your case just make sure you can fit a big card in there. This Review (http://techreport.com/articles.x/17986) talks about the length of the card causing problems (You'll need to factor in connectors, and any nearby HD bays and connectors). This review of your case (http://www.techspot.com/review/165-coolermaster-haf-922/page4.html) shows a GeForce GTX 295 (10.5 inch) in the mid tower with about 2.5 inches to spare. Remember that your card is 12.25 inches in length, plus you need to put the connectors in the end and you are getting awfully close to those drive bays. I would suggest you get a bigger case just to be on the safe side

    Hope this helps
  4. If you like the cases from Cooler Master, just change the psu.

    922: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bszPOf0U6KI
    932: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvsG7AH-9c0

    Here you have some good 850W options:

    CORSAIR TX850 (from CWT):

    XFX XPS Black Edition 850W (from SEASONIC):

    CORSAIR HX850 (from CWT):

    Anyway, the Antec 1200 is a very good case, and the ANTEC 850 CP a great psu:

    Antec 1200: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j3MNAQLuIQ
    Antec 850 cp: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/736
  5. Hmm cheapest option would be going with the antec 1200..(im not sacrificing my taste though, think it looks pretty good except for only 2 usb ports on front..) and sticking with that PSU... :) Im glad i put this up for criticsm now lol.. Didn't know there was so many "faults"

    Has brought price upto £1292.74 though...
  6. Don't OCZ rams have like compatibility problems? i've been recommended not to get them before "Any non-OCZ 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 sticks ($115). Non-OCZ because they have compatibility issues with a lot of boards, especially Intel boards."

    Don't pay attention to the money in the quote

    And them ripjaw ones at 2000Mhz are they compatible with my mobo? It says 2000mhz is only compatible with the mobo if its OC so im not sure...
  7. If you don't want OCZ nor 2000mhz go with the first link they're cheaper and faster than the dominators. Never heard about OCZ problems but its possible. The best buy would be http://www.amazon.de/REDLINE-998805-Memory-GB/dp/B003JTCZ66/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=ce-de&qid=1272738381&sr=8-7 they are often reccomended as very good ram since they are fast and don't have overly larghe heatspreaders but I can't find it on uk although they will ship pretty cheaply and they don't come that cheap.
  8. i would go with 2000mhz but i just don't know if they are compatible... Problem with that ram you found is that i can't understand a thing on that language of amazon so i wouldnt know how to ship it here and it seems dodg, also i can't find it on UK site
  9. those are again pretty slow. And if your worried about the german amazon don't be. I ordered all my parts from there and I let them be shipped to belgium. Including those mushkins. Well I don't know about the 2000mhz either the "(O.C.)" in asus manuals always confused the heck out of me. And the 2000mhz ones are about the same speed as the other because they have a higher cas latency.
  10. Hmmm yeah but how am i to ship it if i don't know how to navigate the site to do the shopping... just any fast/pretty fast 6gb RAM under the price of £190 from UK would do me

    And i think one problem is i don't know how the CAS works in the ram like how you get the different numbers.. and what is fast and is not because the low numbers i picked i thought were good

    what about http://www.shop4usb.co.uk/Components.9/memory+modules.85/TR3X6G1600C7D/XMS3+Dominator+6GB+DDR3+3X2GB+DDR3-1600+CL+7-7-7-20+Core+i7+Memory+Kit.334451.html they don't seem overpriced for what is available even though its dominator.. what do you think?
  11. It's definately good ram. Basically cas is how many cycles it has to do to complete a task(as far as I understand anyways) and the numbers each stand for a task the first being the most important and so on. Bassically one looks at the 1st number because its the most important and the others are ussually similarly good. cl9 is slow, 8 is doable, 7 is fast and 6 is the best you can get without paying a fortune. The dominators with cl7 are very good, but expensive and have tall heatspreaders that will prevent you from having some cpu coolers like my d14. the mushkins are the only fast sticks with normal heatspreaders and you don't want to buy those so then you can go for G.skill or dominator. And you don't want 2000mhz so I'd go with the first link I sent or if you really want the dominators at a little higher price and little lower speed take those.
  12. Hmm you said they had a lower frequency though?
  13. The first thing,I have to say is for the ram,don't get the dominators.Their heatspreaders cause clearance problems with large coolers and give only 1 less c in temperatures.Get the xms3 instead or g.skill ripjaws despite their heatspreaders because of the lower price.About the case.If you have space to put the haf 932 and you cann afford it get that.The seagate is fine but I can suggest the samsung spinpoint f3.As for the cooler,can I ask you something?Would you spend so much on a pc but go cheap with the cooler?Why not get a true 120 black,mega or noctua nh d14?That way you would definetely sure you can get to 4ghz with acceptable temps.Anyway,if I could rate the original build something between 1-10 I would rate it 9.5/10.With my recommendations 9.99/10 :D :D
  14. lol thanks dude :) well the only reason why im going with a antec 1200 opposed to a haf 932 is that it works out better and cheaper with the PSU i have in mind.. and you have a good point on the cooler.. i did think about that but igot recommended it and also it has good reviews so i thought it was ok and im happy to hear that you think my build deserves such a rating ^^
  15. I agree with the cooler I have a similar pc and have a noctua d14 I hardly ever reccomend it because I thought I was the only one who thought such a cooler is worth the price. Ohh and the lower frequency was about the other cheaper G.skills they run at 1333mhz. There are actually three links in that one post of mine lol. the first would be my choice. The second are the ones at lower frequency and the third are the OCZ ones you didn't like.
  16. Aww man xD i thought you indicated both of them lniks before were at a lower frequency xD man if i nkew that now then there wouldn't have been any need for all the talking of RAM we did.. i didnt spot that "or" between the 2 links...

    And what is the point your making on the cpu cooler point of things? sorry
  17. hmm the cpu coolers kinda boot my budget up over like £1350 , is there anything else you can recommend which is of still good quality?
  18. LOL I was wondering why you wouldn't let go of the dominators

    IMO the d14 is the way to go it will give you a few hundred mhz more stable frequency than the 212. Which for me is worth the extra 40 bucks. Do some research though to see if it fits. It fits in my case(thermaltake elment G) and clears over my mushkins. I don't know if it will clear the G.skills though. If it doesn't like I would expect one would have to mount it vertically or remove a fan which would make it 2-3 degrees hotter which puts it on par with the cheaper and smaller nh-u12p se2. So I think if it clears the rams go for the d14 otherwise the u12p(which I'm pretty sure will fit)
  19. Actually I can.Go to frostytech.com and take a look at the top 5 heatsinks.Then check if they fit s1366 or if they have a s1366 bracket.Check it out.I personally prefer the prolimatech megahalems with a noctua fan.Killer temps and killer quietness.But,really get the best you can afford after checking out the benchmarks.And I wish I had your rig.I have an i5 750 w/ 5850 and 4 gb dominator ram.That's why I don't suggest the dominators.
  20. I won't be getting this rig until like middle of summer holidays probably :/ and hmm thats like 60+60 again xD im already going further than i as expecting to lol :) and the rig i have running at the moment is a q9650 , 4gb ram(no idea what make it is) and a 9800GTX+ . I bought it prebuilt for like £899 Was kinda dissapointing to find out it couldn't play crysis at high with decent AA and very high with any AA at all... And with some crappy basic case ^^ such a waste of money.. lol but i hope to god i know beter this time xD plus it'll be first time ever building a comp, am i likely to break anything?
  21. Well,I will be criticised for this but I haven't built any computer myself.I have upgraded some components myself but I am too clumsy to trust my new components in my hands.I just chose the parts for my first custom pc and had some techs from a store here assemble them for free.So if you are afraid you can't do it by yourself call a friend or somebody who knows about computers to help you or tell the store to assemble it for you.As for the pre built pc you had,it was great compared to the last one I had.It had 2 gb ddr2,a pentium dual core e6300 1,83ghz and a lousy 64mb gpu.And the worst about it?I payed 700 euros for it.Yours wasn't such a waste of money.Even my pc is having a hard time at crysis.
  22. Well i got it last year and now im selling it for £550 to go and buy an even more expensive one when i was hoping it'd do me for like 3 years. hah. and that sucks for you dude... lol, when you get that pc?
  23. Well,ok it was,in 2005-2006,but still it was too expensive.You are selling yours a bit cheaper than you should.
  24. Hmm what do you recommend me seling it for? btw another thing about my pc which was retarded is that it came only with 32 bit vista so i could only use the 3gb... so i've been runnig with 3gb all this time and i won't even have the chance to use that 4th gig cause now im getting a new pc xD so stupid lol
  25. 600-650 would be fine if it is pretty new and with these specs.And as for the 32 bit vista no comment for the seller.
  26. haha well would you say 1 year is new enough? i got it from ebuyer
  27. Yeah,1 year is pretty new.Some stores sell worse pcs for more.
    An example:http://www.plaisio.gr/Computers/Desktop/PC/Turbo-X-Cerberus-G3350.htm.Website is in greek but the specs are at the bottom of the page.I'm from Greece I didn't just search for the worst example btw.
  28. the prolimatech I think is to expensive. I won't criticise you if you know what your talking about ;). I built my own pc and evreything is pretty sturdy. I broke the mobo though lol, but still waiting for response from the manafacturer to see if it was my fault, but I haven't heard of someone else who broke anything out of the hundreds who built their own pc.
  29. is ebay an ok place to sell? the £100-150 will also give me more breathing space for money :) so the cpu cooler wouldn't be a problem after that.. Basically im using the £400 from last christmas, the money from the pc im selling , then the money i get from summer job and doing well in my exams and if needed a third or less of future christmas money ^^
  30. Sorry I dunno.I think the best place to sell would be to a friend.
  31. I don't know any firends who would like buy it for more than £550 at the max lol... hmm i could advertise it on the selling part on this forum i guess :)
  32. you could also sell parts individually thats more work though
  33. Hmm don't you get more selling by selling a system though? And i don't see people spending money on some seperate stuff in my pc
  34. If you get every piece sold I think you could get more but I don't know if you can make it happen
  35. Hmm... Just been looking at gtx480 reviews..its getting me thinking lol... like if i could manage to afford gtx480's in SLI.. but probably not... if maybe i was also to cut down to i5-750 with a 1156 p55 board with the add on which would keep any bandwidth problems away.. just a thought.. Probly better sticking with a 5970 though.. the amount of power needed and the heat they give out is atrocious... I could always xfire 5970's in the future ;D but not sure if they scale too well tbh. Would maybe be better just getting a new card as dx12 will be out by then im guessing or DX13 ^^
  36. i hate all the ins and outs of computer technology lol
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