GTX 260 Issues (bottlenecked?)

So I recently bought a new video card (GTX 260) and I think something is making it under perform.

Recent games struggle to get high fps with it but I just tried crysis 1 on it and it was getting low fps on highest settings. Even with them on low it dipped to 30 FPS when moving the camera around.

These are my specs:
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 OC @3.2Ghz
6.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @399Mhz 5-5-5-15 (x2 2 gig & x2 1 gig)
EP45-UD3L (Socket 775)
896MB GeForce GTX 260 (BFG Tech) - Syncmaster @ 1440x900
x2 500GB Western Digital WD5000AAKS (not in RAID setup)
...I think that's all that should matter.

I ran speccy so I could post the details of my PC. I'll link the detailed specs of my PC here.

So should my FPS be low on games like this? Or is there something wrong with my setup that's limiting my GPU?

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  1. Crysis in dx10 is very demanding, even my oc,ed 5870 wont get much better than 40+ fps @ highest settings. have you patched crysis yet ? Also I found with my 192 core gtx 260 setting up the nvidia controll panel towards performance helps some.
  2. 30FPS on Crysis @ Very High is pretty good - at 1920x1200 resolution, even an HD 5970 can't play all settings Very High with 4xAA. Your GTX 260 Core 216 seems to be performing as it should. Crysis was never nice on any hardware.
  3. my 260 won't even play Batman AA on all high settings I'm pretty sure it's not going to play Crysis very well at all.
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