Cant see my hdd in bios

just assembled my new pc, everything kinda works, but i cant see my samsung f3 , mb is Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3

at the beginnig there were a bit of clicking sound from hdd, could it be broken ?

stupid question, but theres only 2 wires (1st sata for me :D )

when i added my dead/half dead ide hdd it at least tried to work, but my nw hdd does absolutly nothing, except for making a clicking sound for a bit
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  1. Clicking sounds could signal a broken HD. Before I would call it dead I would try a few things.

    Do you have a SATA dvd player? If bios can see that it would confirm that your mobo works.

    Try a different SATA cable in a different SATA port on the mobo and a different power cable off your PSU. You do all that and the mobo still doesn't see it I would RMA the HD cause it's dead..
  2. checked all cables and power cables, nothing, and i dont have any other sata devices

  3. Have a friend try it in his computer.
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