How to install dx10 on win 7?


i have a problem with playing mw2,i dont know if it's because i have win7 with dx 11 and gtx295 that doesnt support it,i tryed to install dx10 but it doesnt work. have any ideas what can i do beside instaling new windows

thx in advance
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  1. what do you mean it doesn't work?

    MW2 is a Dx9 game, and shouldn't need dx10 to run. the game should include the necessary Dx runtime.

    what happens when you try to play? and where did you get the Dx10 runtime from? and what happens when you try to install that?
  2. AFAIK DirectX 11 is fully backwards compatible with DirectX 10 and 9. The GTX 295 supports DirectX 10, but MW2 is only a DirectX 9 games as welshmousepk said. What problems are you encountering?
  3. its like an error that goes:directX suffered fom an unrecoverable error or somethong like that,it just happens spontaniously,
    for example:im just playing mw2 and after minute or 2,a blanck screen appears and the error sound and the i have to exit the game by pressing ALT+f4 and thats that
  4. ah, thats a common issue, and one the used to ruin the game for me. are you patched up to the latest version of the game?

    its stopped happening to me some time ago, so the issue should have been resolved.
  5. dont know what u mean by patched up to the latest version of the game
  6. do you have all the updates for the game? all the patches?

    also do you have the most recent driver for your graphics card.
  7. there are no updates for mw2 as i know,but i have the new graphic driver
  8. o_o troll
  9. Good grief, this is like asking "How do I install Windows Vista into Windows 7"
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