Best 9600 GT card?

pretty sure I want an Nvidia 9600 GT, but not sure which card to get. There's sparkle, biostar, galaxy, some others (looking at newegg).. thanks!
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    All the graphic cards are the same essentially, although some are factory overclocked, i.e. overclocked by default. It doesn't matter which brand you get, just go for the one which provides the best warranty and after sales customer service.
  2. Instead of a 9600, see if you can get an HD5670. It's much better.

    As for brands, it doesn't matter. XFX has warranty, other than that, it doesn't matter.
  3. was thinking about bumping up to the Radeon HD 4850 BUT I only play one game and one game only: Starcraft 2. and I don't play too often so its hard to justify spending more than $80. I mainly use my rig for audio production.

    so it looks like SPARKLE has a lifetime warranty...
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  5. Grab an HD5670. Much better than the 9600GT for the same price.
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