New Build Temp Values AUX is 123C?

I just put together my first build and these reading seems very wierd

system is 38 c
cpu 37
aux is showing 80-123 bouncing majorly
Core is 36

My problem is i dont see a gpu temp and that aux seems very high? What is it?
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  1. What program are you using to monitor your temperatures? Those temps do seem very high so something must be wrong. Double check everything and ensure that all heatsinks and fan units are properly installed.

    Are you having any shutdowns or noticing any decrease in performance. At those temps it's hard to imagine something not actually shutting itself off to prevent overheating damage.
  2. No shut downs or anything, the cpu heatsinks and fan is installed properly, im using speedfan, it just seems like speedfan is acting super wierd
  3. Try CPUID's HWMonitor:

    See if you get similar results. It may even give you a better indication of which sensor is recording those temps. It could just be SpeedFan playing up so it's best to eliminate that possibility too.

    Thats its reading, I dont know if im ok or not?
  5. Hello George20,

    You're in good shape.
    Some boards don't have AUX temp sensors and some that do send signals the temp monitoring programs can't decipher correctly.
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