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I am looking at buying SSD for my gaming Rig ( I was going to buy four of these and raid them together but I am unsure if this will work with my current motherboard (
Thanks, Derek
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    You would be better off with one 240GB drive than 4 60GB drives in RAID-0.
    RAID-0 has no fault tolerance so if 1 drive dies you lose all of your data. Also, your odds of drive failure are 4 times greater than if you have just 1 drive.

    Also, you only have 2 6Gb/s ports. A RAID-0 array's performance is based upon the drive with the slowest Read/Write speeds. So your Read/Write performance would be based upon the drives connected to the 3Gb/s ports.

    To get maximum performance of all 4 drives you would have to buy a PCIe x4 or x8 RAID controller card. Good cards start around $300.

    Forget about RAID and get 1 large drive.
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