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Does anyone know how to get eyefinity and modern warfare 2 to work properly? I have tried widescreen fixer 1.66 and it says fix enabled and nothing.
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  1. AFAIK Eyefinity and MW2 don't work together because Infinity Ward thought it was 'cheating'. As for the fix, no idea how well that works.
  2. you have to wait for the newer version of widescreenfixer unfortunately.

    IW recently patched the game and it no longer works, so gotta wait for the new WSF update.

    i don't think IW have called it cheating, they just aren't supporting it as yet.
  3. Cheating?

  4. This totally sucks. I have seen screen shots of when some people had it working and it looks amazing! Dam infinity ward.
  5. I have to agree, I have 3 26" monitors just waiting to display the MW2 in all its glory. Guess I'll just keep playing CSS.

    No more new games for me unless they support eyefinity and the correct FOV!
  6. Well if anyone gets a fix for this or it starts working, let me know ASAP.
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    I have 3 23inch Acers and i have been LOVING eyefinity. Lame thing is not all games support it. If the game doesnt support it (MW2!!!) then you have to use a widescreen fixer( ) to get the correct FOV in the game. It does look amazing once it is working though. They just patched MW2 so we all have to wait for widescreen fixer to release update :??: Ive been itching to play like crazy too! I just downloaded the DLC and now i cant play ! LOL. Anyways im working on a knife throwing montage. I have some short clips up on you tube ( ), i need to capture some more clips before im finished. Who knows when widescreen fixer will be updated ... :cry:

    You tube clips are in eyefinity (5760 x 1080 )
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  9. how do you get counter strike to work? every time i try it, it is duplicated across all 3 of my monitors when im in full screen mode. im runnin on 1024 x 768.
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